About Us - Services

We are proactive in adding value to our projects. Our senior management hold the necessary experience to be involved through all facets of a project's procurement and delivery.

Structum is always looking for opportunities to form a partnering approach at project procurement stage. Time and time again we have proven that through providing low impact detailing advice during the design stages, significant cost savings are achievable. Structum offers the following services at the project procurement stage;

> Cost Planning     

> Value Engineering

> Construction Detailing

> Total Project Management


Structum offers several forms of project delivery methods. Although still a viable option, the value in traditional fully designed lump sum tendering is continually being questioned. Structum openly offers several options to its clients resulting in opportunities to cater a delivery method that best suits each client's needs. Our transparency and down to earth approach assures each client that their needs are foremost in our thinking. Structum offers the following delivery methods;


> Construction Management

> Negotiated Lump Sum Contracts

> Design and Construct

> Project Management

> Tendered Lump Sum Contracts


Our repeat client base and customer satisfaction is evidence of the success of our proactive approach.